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3 Favourite Toys December 29, 2014 Baby, Frugal 0 Our house is littered with toys and I’ve punted Mr. Potato Head across the living room more times than I’d like to admit. I’m always on the lookout for something to interest my little guy especially as he’s approaching one and his interests are changing. Gone are the days when a rattle and Sophie the Giraffe were his favourite toys. Now they are getting packed away for someone else to use.

where can i buy Lyrica in australia Of all the toys we have ones that sing songs, have flashing lights and are interactive his 3 favourite toys are a turkey baster, coasters and Tupperware.

In the morning when he starts his day he heads right to the Tupperware drawer, pulls out the ones he wants and heads over to his bin of toys to get the turkey baster. Maybe this is a sign that he will become a famous chef because he is already showing his love for kitchen gadgets, but I doubt it.

Of all the expensive teething toys that we’ve tried his favourite hands down are coasters. We no longer use them for our drinks as he will remove your glass, drink or spill the contents and grab his coasters. He carries them around one in each hand, one in his mouth chewing on the cork backing having a great old time. So much for the $30 teething necklace $3 coasters seem to do the trick.

The turkey baster was a surprise hit not just as a teething toy. His reaction to having it blow air in his face was hilarious. I forget how wondrous a breeze can be. The bulb of the baster is soft plastic and seems great to chew on. Its fun just to watch him try and get the whole thing in his mouth.

Tupperware is the ultimate baby toy. A bunch of different sized containers and lids that are easy to hold on to, wear as a hat, put things in and bang on. I think of the Winnie the Pooh story when he gets the empty pot of honey and they come up with different ways to use it. With Tupperware he seems to be using his imagination and exploring different possibilities. The big bonus is when he grows out of it we get to use them.

Of all the great toys out there these 3 household items seem the be the winners in our home. Its interesting to see him explore the items, interact with them in different ways and use his imagination. I forget sometimes how limiting some toys can be and am just amazed how simple things can inspire hours of fun.

Before heading out to pick up new toys get out some wooden spoons, pots and pans, balls of yarn or a laundry basket and watch your child’s imagination come to life. By getting in on their fun you get to see the world through their eyes, full of infinite possibilities.