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A trip to Kids Kingdom February 1, 2017 Fun 0

get link We recently had the opportunity to visit Kids Kingdom in Kanata, we had a wonderful time playing indoors on a cold and snowy winter day.

follow site Kids Kingdom is located at 66 Hearst Way in Kanata near the Food Basics tucked away in a subdivision backing onto the highway,

We arrived for the 9 am opening on a Saturday to avoid the crowds. At 9 am there were less than a dozen kids there so we had the place to ourselves which made for a really fun time.

Kids Kingdom has several different areas for kids to play. There is a pay arcade where I saw several parents playing games and winning tickets. There is a giant two story castle jungle gym for kids to explore. My toddlers favourite part was standing on the bridge and calling down to me from up above. My photos are horrible because I was so busy chasing my little guy around he was in heaven!


There was a giant video games projected on the floor where the kids stomped on pumpkins and soccer balls  this was a big hit and was an area they kept coming back to.

There is a separate area for little kids with a miniature play area and jungle gym perfect for the two and under crowd.

The two story inflatable slide was by far the biggest hit it was so fun we all took a turn! While best suited for older kids my three year old was determined to climb up and use the slide. With a lot of will and determination he was able to climb up all by himself and laughed the whole way down the slide. I was amazed that he could do it and after we left he said how the slide was his favourite part.

By 11 am the playground was packed there we lineups for kids to get on the bouncy slides and birthday parties were starting to happen. Even the parking lot was full, there was a lineup of cars waiting for empty spots so make sure you go early.

Kids Kingdom  is $3 for Adults, Kids 3-12: was $16. The cost of a year membership is $125 per year for one child which is totally in line with Museum and other kids activities around town. If you think you’d go once a month then a membership is the way to go.

Overall Kids Kingdom was a great family experience which offers birthday parties, playcare and daycare. There is enough fun stuff to keep kids physically active and occupied for a couple hours and there are even places to sit scattered around the play area for parents to take much needed breaks.

Kids Kingdom has two locations 66 Hearst Way, Kanata and 1290 Trim Road in Orleans for families to play.

For more information and hours check out there website at