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Annie’s Bunnies are Delicious

buy Depakote india April 25, 2015 Baby, Food 0 We love cookies, really who doesn’t? I’m always looking for something simple and good that we can all can enjoy. With a toddler I feel I need to be more conscious in my food choices because I’m slightly terrified of catching my toddler chowing down on some Oreos he’s found in the pantry, I’d rather leave that battle for when he can actually talk. Annie’s bunny cookies a delicious, organic and are really small in size we all enjoy them and I feel less guilty about bribing my guy with cookies.

Thanks to my mom for giving us a box of chocolate bunny grahams, we gorged on them and realized we had been missing out!

Annie’s makes a wide variety of products that I’ve yet to try but the chocolate bunny grahams and the cheddar bunny crackers are amazing. The best part for me is that the cookies are tiny. When you look at serving suggestion on the box its like 35 or 50 pieces so giving a couple little cookies to my little guy he feels like a king. The cheddar bunnies taste great and seem to be not as greasy as the goldfish crackers though they are pretty much the same. We’ve also tried the gluten free snickerdoodle bunny grahams, the vanilla and chocolate chip they’ve all been hits.

Annie’s really promotes itself as conscious company that works with the community and uses responsibly harvested and organic products. Its nice to see a company practice what it preaches.

We now go out of our way to pick up these cookies whenever we run out they are definitely the new favourite thing in the house. The box may seem small and they aren’t really cheap but being so flavourful you really only feel like eating 2 or 3 at a time.

So if you’re tired of arrowroot cookies and want to try something different give Annie’s cookies a try you won’t be disappointed.