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Best Banana Bread

buy Lyrica from canada April 29, 2015 Food, Frugal 0

see url I like banana bread it reminds me of warm kitchens of my childhood. I also love that it uses bananas that would otherwise go to waste and with a toddler we eat a lot of bananas. I’ve tried a lots of banana bread recipes looking to find that perfect combination of moistness without being greasy. For whatever reason banana bread always seems greasy to me. This week Stovetop Story published a recipe for the ultimate banana bread and I had to give it a try. The best part of this recipe for me was it required no oil or sour cream. My only downfall was I forgot to add the yogurt to the mix. That’s the hardest part about having a toddler for me is that distraction that makes me lose my place. I also went to work without my keys yesterday, so frustrating! Here is the ultimate banana bread recipe my version omitted the yogurt and added in half a cup of chocolate chips. Without the yogurt it was still super moist and not too dense. I think from now when I make it I will continue to omit the yogurt. I think too many wet ingredients are the cause of my grease loaves. Stovetop story is a great blog if your interested in generally healthy and clean eating food. I don’t know how she has time to prepare them but I certainly have book marked a few of the recipes to try in my limited spare time. If your interested in a great banana bread recipe give this one a try and do it without the yogurt!