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Car Seat Safety

purchase Proscalpin online June 19, 2015 Baby 0 A while back I was contacted to attend a Ford Car Seat Safety event at the Canadian Food and Agriculture Museum. I wasn’t able to attend but I sent along one of my MakeitMoms to check it out.

I love when companies take time to get important information out to families through events. Passing on helpful tips, sharing them with us we can share them with you. so thanks Ford! Plus I love prizes and giveaways and my friend hit the jackpot at this event.

So check out the review below of the Ford Car Seat Safety event that happened on Thursday June 11, 2015.

Last Thursday I attended a car seat safety event hosted by Ford Canada at the Food and Agriculture Museum. Kelley Adams-Campos, a certified child passenger safety technician, presented the correct way to install car seats at every stage. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I have 2 small children and am reasonably knowledgeable about car seat safety but I learned a lot.

As you might expect, to find out how to properly install a car seat you should read the car seat manual. You should also read your car owner’s manual in order to ensure that the car seat works in your vehicle. I was surprised to learn that car seats are required to have a place to hold the owner’s manual so that it is always on hand.

One of the most interesting things to me is that even though many car seat companies try to portray their car seats as ‘safer’ than the competition this is purely a marketing technique. In Canada all car seats are required to meet the same standards so the $100 car seats are just as safe as the $300 car seats. Side impact testing, which both my car seats proudly proclaim, is not actually an industry standard, each company tests side impact using their own criteria and standards.

A few more important items, not new to me but definitely important:

1. The position of rear facing infant seats for newborns is critical. Babies can asphyxiate if the seat is not reclined enough because they do not have the strength to lift their heads if they fall forward.
2. All Children should be kept rear facing as long as possible up to age 3 or 4. Rear facing is infinitely safer than forward facing because the car seat takes the brunt of the impact in the case of a collision.
3. Once children are forward facing they should be kept in the harness as long as possible. When switching to a booster seat height is the most important consideration because the booster seat is there to ensure that the car’s own safety belt falls in the correct place on the child. Ford makes a seat belt with an ‘air bag’ that deploys on impact and helps lessen the impact in the event of a crash.

There are many other questions that come up in the course of purchasing and installing a car seat. If you have questions, the people at Ford Canada would be happy to help. Once your car seat is installed, even if you are pretty sure it is installed correctly and safely, visit a car seat clinic and have an expert double check for you, it will be worth the peace of mind!

I would also like to mention how much fun this presentation and the whole day were for my family. I attended this presentation with my 2 children. A member of the museum staff there to keep the older children occupied so us parents could pay attention. After the presentation they provided lunch boxes and let the children try out the new child sized Ford F150s, my son thought this was pretty awesome. Once the driving fun was over we were free to spend the rest of the afternoon at the Food and Agriculture museum which is one of our favourite places in Ottawa.

As we packed up to go home and I checked position of the car seat straps in my children’s car seats. I realized just how tall my older son is getting, and that if he grows any more he is going to need a new car seat to keep him safe.