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Chiquicuts Kids Hair Salon – totally worth it

November 5, 2016 Frugal 0

My little toddler has been looking a little scraggly lately. I love his curly baby hair but it’s time for him to look less like a mad scientist and more like a little boy. I have been dreading giving him a haircut since last years head shaving incident which took months to grow out so boy was I glad to find Chiquicuts Kids Hair Salon.

here I’m sure I’m not the only parent who has gone into Chiquicuts Kids Hair Salon with total anxiety, my 2 year old is super strong willed so I was glad that these professionals knew exactly what to do to put both of our minds at ease. The Salon is kid focussed, the kids sit in little toy cars to get their hair cut, there are games to play, movies to watch and an extensive amount of princess stuff as well. I was really impressed. The staff was very helpful and put my child at ease, once safely secured in his car with Paw Patrol playing on the TV his hairstylist worked quickly to give him a cute little boys haircut. Gone is the mad scientist now I have a super handsome boy.

Chiquicuts is located on Clyde Ave across the street from the Walmart its easy to get to off the Queensway and well priced, his boys cut was $18 girls haircuts being roughly $25. I was able to make an appointment earlier in the week and get in on a Saturday morning, the place was busy so I would recommend making an appointment instead of doing a walk in.

Along with kids hair cuts Chiquicuts also does kids parties. I can just imagine how much little girls would love to have a princess party where they can get all done up with glitter and braids it sounds fantastic. They offer a party room, have princesses and superheroes who can attend and even have a limo service for the total dream experience.

I was really impressed with our first real haircut experience at Chiquicuts. There are other places in town that specialize in kids haircuts along with First Choice Hair Salons that may be cheaper but for me the ease of the experience made it worth the extra money. My toddler left Chiquicuts this morning with sucking on a lollypop playing and playing with the toy car they gave him sporting a new haircut, we were both vary satisfied with the experience.

Chiquicuts Kids Hair Salon
1366 Clyde Ave, Ottawa, ON, K2C-3Z4.
613 422 3811