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Choosing a Midwife

conocer personas en girona June 15, 2015 Baby 0 When you find out you’re pregnant it feels like there are so many things you need to do and the biggest one is decide if you want a Midwife or an Obstetrician. An Obstetrician can be referred to you by your doctor but to find a Midwife you have to do the research yourself.  

A Midwife is an excellent choice for someone who has no medical issues and is in good general health. Choosing to go with a Midwife does not exclude you from seeing a doctor or having your baby delivered in a hospital and if you choose delivered  by an Obstetrician(OB). There are differences between the care of a Midwife and an OB but when the time comes to deliver the baby both are skilled to do that.

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I chose a Midwife because I wanted someone to be my advocate during the birthing process and also have someone I knew with me when it comes time to deliver. Often when using and OB whomever is on call at the hospital at will deliver your baby not who has been seeing you throughout your pregnancy. A Midwife performs all the same tests as an OB, has hospital access in Ottawa either the Montfort or the Civic but also you have the option of delivering at home or in the new Birth and Wellness centre. After giving birth a Midwife will perform home visits and do after care with you and the baby for 6 weeks. A Midwife acts as a guide for you through your pregnancy giving advise and helping you adjust and prepare for the changes in your body. If there is a chance of complications you’re Midwife will be by your side at the hospital to consult with the doctors.
I found that using aid wife was a more holistic approach to pregnancy and birth and focused on both the physical and emotional side of my pregnancy. When I had complications with my pregnancy and was admitted to the hospital my midwife was there as support as my birth plan changed. When I deliver through c section the Midwives were there along side the doctors to provide comfort and support. We remained in the hospital for weeks afterward the Midwives routinely visited checking on both of our progress and continued care when we arrived home.
I felt the experience of having a Midwife took away the medical feeling of having a baby and provided exceptional support.

 If you choose to use a Midwife make sure you contact right away as spots fill up quickly.