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Chucking Chickens

go here March 27, 2015 Crafty, Frugal 1

here I’m always looking for ways to use up my scraps of fabric. Lately I’ve been making patchwork grocery bags, which as a simple no brainer way of getting rid of bit and pieces. Then I cam across this pattern and I was in heaven. They are called juggling chooks, I’m calling the chucking chickens (we are years away from juggling in our household).

buy propecia germany Each chicken took maybe 5 minutes to make but have been a blast to play with. Instead of using these to juggle I’m going to take these one step further and use them as another learning tool. Here’s my idea, print out 2 sets of cards with the letters of the alphabet on them. Keep one for yourself and put the other set face down in order on the floor. Show my boy where each letter is before they are put face down. Then hold up a letter and get him to throw the chicken on top of the card he thinks the letters under. Use the chickens as a way of learning the letters of the alphabet or as a memory game. I think doing something physical that helps to learn letters will a deeper impact  and hopefully help him learn his letters.

We are still a long way off of that (first he needs to learn how to talk) but I’ve made a set for a friend with a 3 year old and she will let me know how it goes. But give this easy pattern a try, it takes very little fabric and are super easy to make so if your looking for something fun to do make some chucking chickens!

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Here is a link to a pattern.