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Connect Four is a great toddler toy

go to site March 14, 2015 Baby, Frugal, Fun 0

where to buy clomid I’m always looking for things that can keep my adventure boy entertained and connect four has become the ultimate toy in our house.

watch Since turning one the action of putting thing into stuff has become a huge game for him. I cant believe how many toys we’ve accidentally thrown out since he’s learned to put things in the garbage (joy!) so finding new toys that will utilize this action are key. There are lots of different toys on the market that teach this skill, toy mail boxes, shape sorters and play piggy banks. They are great but I hesitate to buy new toys that are really for one for one activity. Enter Connect Four.

While doing some spring cleaning I came across the game and thought why not, the pieces are big enough to not choke on and it could work. He loved it. Getting out the game he will sit quietly and patiently work at putting all the pieces in the slots. When he gets older we will get out the game and make patterns and use it for counting. Later we will play the game for fun.

Connect Four cost under $10 but has longevity as a children’s toy. Its funny with so many toys on the market the ones that are the most successful for us are the ones that aren’t meant to be children’s toys. So if you’re looking for a toy that can help your toddlers motor skills take a look in your games cupboard chances already have one there. index