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Discovery Bottles

follow site May 4, 2015 Crafty, Frugal 0 There is something satisfying about making something out of nothing and discovery bottles are the perfect example.

click here I’m always looking for new things to make that require me to buy nothing. I think being frugal really pushes you to think outside of the box and discovery bottles are a great for that.

Sometimes my adventure boy needs to sit down and explore something other than my phone, wallet or purse. I didn’t realize how often I would need to shift his focus to prevent him from well. . . destroying something. I realize the magic of handing something to him to get him to let go of something else. It makes me wonder what slight of hand magic my mom must have done on me. That’s why discovery bottles are great, they can be any size or shape and you can have something new to for your little person to shake, rattle and roll.

where to buy prilosec in canada All you need is a plastic bottle, some rice and whatever neat items you can fit inside it. I used an old pop bottle, took some rice and dyed it with food colouring, found some random beads and confetti (those plastic cut out shapes you get at birthdays) put them in bottle and there you have it.

This can keep my guys attention for a while and sometimes that all that really matters. So if your looking for an easy craft that uses stuff you have lying around the house make a discovery bottle today.