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DIY Felt Feather Garland

can you buy Keppra over the counter in uk December 19, 2014 Baby, Crafty 0

go here I am trying hard to use up all my miscellaneous craft supplies. I often find that when you are limited by the things that you have yon get a bit more creative. So at my disposal wasn’t much a bunch of felt, a skein of embroidery floss and some elastic. Out of those few things now I have a cool felt feather garland that will decorate the play fort I got the baby for Xmas.

can you buy diflucan over the counter at walgreens I like to make a pattern for most projects before I start that way I can make more in the future. I use old pop cases because the cardboard is pretty thin but still ridged.

photo 1

After gathering my supplies draw out a pattern and cut it out of the cardboard. I made three different versions of a feather so there would be some variety.

photo 2

Next get cutting. Use some pins to hold the felt in place and cut out as many feathers as you can. With the waste I cut out partial feathers that I overlaid.

photo 3

With all the pieces cut out start matching feathers with the partial pieces. I offset mine a bit because I liked the look. Next take the embroidery thread and stitch a line down the centre of the feather attaching the partial piece to the full feather. With a needle and thread and some elastic sew an elastic loop to the back of the feather.


String through extra elastic, yarn, ribbon or whatever you have on hand.

You could embellish the feathers with beads or with embroidery stitches (check out crewel embroidery stitches) or use markers or fabric paint. I left mine plain so they would be simple and graphic.

I sewed a stitch to keep the feathers in place on the garland as this is going to be grabbed by little hands and I want to keep the position in place.

This took me an evening or two to make while watching tv. It was pretty easy to make and I will keep my pattern to use in the future. I can’t wait to hang it over the fort I think eventually I will build a teepee reading nook and this will look cool hung over it.

I like using stuff you have lying around this could be made out of old T shirts or jeans I think it would look pretty cool. So if you’re looking for something easy to make give this a try with what you have lying around. Nothing is going to waste.