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DIY Hipster Baby Bibs

get link January 9, 2015 Baby, Crafty, Frugal 0

cheap Lyrica australia These are the best bibs hands down. They are two ply and when you have a drooly baby they dry really quickly and don’t soak the clothes underneath. There are no sharp edges, buttons or anything that could get caught and you can use up stuff you have around the house. The bonus is you’re baby looks totally like a hipster and will make all the other babies at playgroup jealous. So gather your supplies. I’m making a pattern using the an old pop case, the bib is made out of an old T shirt and you’ll need a needle, thread, scissors and pins. Most likely you have all those things around the house.

First make your pattern by drawing a half a U w5″xH9″. Its all approximations they don’t have to be perfect. The next is a half triangle with two rounded edges w7″xh10″ or bigger. The reason for rounded edges is they are easy to fit when sewing everything together. If you make the bottom pointy you will have a pointy bib and it looks a bit silly. Each pattern has to have one straight edge because we are cutting on a fold so the pattern represents half of the cut piece.

Next lay out you’re T shirt, place pattern on a  folded edge, secure with pins and cut. I rip out the bottom seam of the T shirt because there is extra fabric there and usually I can get out about 2 bibs per T shirt. The bonus of using old T shirts is they are nice and soft around baby’s neck. Plus its better than throwing them out.


Unfold your cut fabric and match up the two pieces of material finished side facing in. With pins create four pleats along the neck edge and a pleat on each side of the bib near the two ends. Sew across top down sides gathering material a bit along the sides. Leave a 1″ space unstitched and turn bib finished side out. Stitch up the unfinished seam.

Cut a small hole (1/2″)  in one side of the bibs corners. Sew up the edges around the hole. Pull one corner of the bib threw the hole in the other corner. If the hole is to loose sew up it up a bit more. You want the bib to be secure so it won’t restrict your baby but lose enough that if the baby gives the bib a good yank it comes off.


That’s it a hipster baby bib. Out of one T shirt I can make 3 bibs, these can easily be done on the sewing machine I do mine by hand because I can stitch one up whenever I have a spare moment. I have made about 15 of these bibs because some days they get gross really quickly but being old T shirts they wash up amazingly.


My adventure boy has been looking super cool in his hopefully yours will to.