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Doors Open Ottawa is this weekend

Doors Open Ottawa is a great event, especially if you would like to see a different side of Ottawa. With over 130 participating buildings there are some worthwhile places to explore.

Here is this years list of the 2016 buildings,  there are some exciting new additions such as the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, TD Place and Shopify’s Headquarters. This years Doors Open Ottawa is going to be great. They are also highlighting family friendly places to visit such as The National Gallery, Bytown Museum and Rideau Hall which is great, this list will help you avoid places not suitable for kids.

This is an interesting day out, here’s some advice if you are planning on participating in Doors Open Ottawa 2016. TagthecatAustralia 1. Wear comfortable clothes. Doors Open allows you to go inside many buildings you’ve never been to before which means lots of air conditioning so dress accordingly. You are also going to be doing more walking than you think so wear comfortable shoes. There are miles of hallways to explore and lots of stairs to walk don’t let your footwear be what slows you down.

click here 2. Plan your Trip! Before setting out on your Doors Open adventure know where you want to go. Some places require you registering before your visit, some have limited hours and some are just far away. If you are planning on visiting the Diefenbunker, Suntek and other spots further out of town its worth knowing what to do first before you start your day. 3. Bring snacks. Especially if you are bringing kids. This is a fun day out but it also involves a lot of walking and looking, so at some point you will need to distract the kids. There are always water fountains and finding a washroom isn’t a problem but don’t expect these building to have child friendly facilities. Snacks are a must to keep up your energy and see all these great sights.

4. Expect not to visit everything. Its easy to look at the list of buildings and think you can hit 5 or 6 in a day, expect to visit 3. Getting to your destination, taking a tour if offered, looking around and heading to the next place takes a lot longer than you think so prioritize the places you really want to see and don’t get discouraged if you only get to 1.

Doors Open Ottawa runs June 4 &5 2016 we would love to hear about your experiences with this event.