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Early potty training worked for us

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cheap clomid usa There is one thing I have know for sure potty training is shitty. Once my child hit 2 years old the conversation from friends turned to potty training and everyone had an opinion. I know people starting to potty train at 18 months and others that have waited until almost 4 to get their kids out of diapers. I was told I was doing it too late and too early what I know is that potty training is a process that does not have a perfect time only the right time for you. With that said our potty training experience started a couple months after my sons second birthday when I purchased all the potty gear on a trip to Ikea I shelled out $8.00 for the LOCKIG potty and I can honestly say my kid did not sit on it once. I went to Ikea because I purchased all my baby stuff from them its CSA approved and way cheaper than Walmart, Ikea’s baby stuff has saved us money and has lasted.

Fiercely independent my son refused to sit on a potty, so I spent another $8.00 for the TOSSIG toilet seat and a case of Pullups. I have been told by parents how they potty trained in 3 days and seen posts online of weekend potty training, getting my child to simply sit on the toilet let alone pee was a win for me.

After about a month of unsuccessful potty training we resorted to flat out bribery. I read a post on rewarding trips to the toilet with candy so we bought a huge bag of M&M’s and for every time you peed in the toilet you got a candy. After a week the bag was getting quickly depleted by my husband and I sneaking away to eat toilet candy. The reward system was not working. Pullups the cute diaper/underwear are expensive, roughly $0.50 a pair the cost of peeing in them was adding up. Daycare suggested going back into diapers so I bought one box, at this point we were 2 months into potty training. Going back into diapers was a bit of a shock to my son he hated being treated like a baby, he tried harder and was going to the toilet roughly half the time, the backslide to diapers was hard on both of us I had thought potty training would be a breeze and felt like I was doing something wrong.

I spoke to my sons care providers and they all said how Pullups make some kids lazy, if they have to go and its inconvenient for them they will just do it in there pants. This made sense so I rushed out and bought a dozen pairs of underpants, sat my kid down and said “there is no going back baby” and sent him off in big boy underpants. I think my fear of the grossness of potty training had prevented my from just taking this step but it was the right one. Be warned when you are potty training this way you need to have extra everything. The first few days there were more clothing changes than you can imagine, we went through a dozen pairs of underpants in two days. We made up a vinegar solution to spray in pee soaked shoes and just embraced the horror. I can say he peed on the carpet twice and pooped once on the hardwood floor. I mastered reading “the face” knowing when he was going to poop and prompting him to use the toilet. By the second week he was down to an accident every other day, week 3 he was accident maybe once, by week 4 he was accident free both during the day and at night.

We donated all of his extra Pullups to daycare and I now had a fully potty trained son who was 2 years 9 months old. Potty training is not always easy as 3 days to success, it took us 6 months. I can say I’ve read more stories sitting by the toilet, been that crazy parent a racing through a store looking for the bathroom and driven around with a pantsless toddler when I’ve forgotten an extra change of clothes and it has been all worth it.

When my son turned 3 we celebrated so many accomplishments potty training was the biggest one.