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Egg Shakers

April 11, 2015 Baby, Crafty, Frugal 1

The best toy we have hands down is an egg shaped shaker that we picked up at Steve’s Music for under $3. The only problem was it went missing at least it was missing for me, my crafty little adventure boy had hidden it behind the bookcase. So with Easter around a the Dollar Store I decided the best solution to the problem was to make our own.

follow site For $1 at the Dollar Store I was able to pick up some plastic eggs, added rice or some dried chickpeas that I had in my pantry and made a simple shaker. To craft it up a bit I wrapped the egg in cotton batting and crocheted around it.

This craft really didn’t need a pattern it was easy to just increase and decrease around the egg. But these shakers are seriously great. I added different amounts of stuff to them, some rice only, some that were a mix of chickpeas and rice and they are great. Easy for baby to handle, safe to throw around and just super fun.

If you have any of these eggs sitting around this is a worthwhile craft to do. Make it these are awesome!