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Family Swimming for under $10.00

buying viagra in canada October 20, 2016 Frugal, Fun 1 Swimming is a great family activity and during the summer we try to get out to our local wading pools as much as possible but when the weather turns colder we love to go for a family swim at our local pool. Weekends tend to be busy with us, there is always an event to go to or someone to visit so we started swimming on a weekday after work. It takes a bit of planing but we all get organized to go straight from work or daycare to the pool, it’s fun and it’s something we all look forward to during the week.

The best part by far is family swim times are EMPTY! The pool between 4-6 has maybe 5 people in it including us three, you practically get the place to yourself. With it being rather quiet my toddler has free access to the slide and can play with all the  water toys. He loves being in the water and having a special play time with him mom and dad.

The lifeguards are fantastic and have really helped us to start teaching basic swimming skills to our two year old. It is really encouraging and its like getting one on one lessons for free.

The price for a family swim is $2.30 per person children two and under are free. Here’s a link to the city’s pool locations check with your local pool for the swimming schedule, prices may vary. We have looked at swimming at our local YMCA but found it expensive without s membership so have opted to use the city run facilities.

 Weekday family swimming is something we really enjoy and encourage other families to do. It carves out special family time where we all participate in an activity, it promotes wellness and is a welcome break from the weekday stresses. Give it a try it’s a great routine to get into.