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Felt Headdress March 30, 2015 Crafty, Fun 0

can you buy Lyrica in canada Felt idea number 2 felt headdress.

source site A while back I made a pattern for a felt feather garland so I thought I would take that existing pattern and turn it into something new.

I’m trying to use up my miscellaneous craft supplies I’m finding new uses for things I haven’t used in years. I cut out 2 of each feather, placed a pipe cleaner down the center of the feather (when did I buy pipe cleaners?) put some heat bond fabric glue (it was a small roll of iron on glue) and with my iron fused the two together. Next I sewed around the edges of each feather cut out a shape for the head band, sewed the feathers into the headband and used some scrap ribbon on each end of the headband to tie it together. I used scrap buttons to embellish the head band and that’s it.

Its funny what you can do with the scrap items you have around. Instead of using buttons you could cut out shapes and sew them on or embroider a design. The possibilities are endless.

This one will go into the dress up box for my adventure boy to play with when he gets older. This has been another idea that has helped me get rid of more craft supplies.