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Felt Letters April 9, 2015 Crafty, Frugal, Fun 0

go here This seemed like a good idea at the time though I’m not entirely sure what the final use of these will be. They are simple felt letters that are stuffed with a bit of cotton batting.

indian Lamictal I’m still getting rid of felt it seems like a never ending battle. I should make some finger puppets and I think I will make some felt fish with magnets to make a little fishing game for a bit of fun but in the mean time I’ve done these letters.

They were super easy to make just cut 2 of each letter add a bit of cotton batting, sew up with some embroidery thread and there you go. Each letter is approximately 5″ high so they are pretty big.I’m thinking these might be fun for spelling out words. I might add magnets to them and use it as a fishing for letters game.

zyrtec generic cheap If I could sell them that would be awesome though I’m not sure the purpose. But they were fun and easy to make.

Maybe I’ll add googly eyes to them and make them all letter monsters. I’m not quite sure yet but when I figure  out what to do with them I’ll update this post. Felt letters, easy fun, not sure the final purpose, if you’ve got suggestions let me know.