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Felt Stars – What to do with these?

follow link April 10, 2015 Crafty, Fun 0

buy provigil online with paypal I have scraps and scraps of felt at this point. Its kind of ridiculous and its getting a bit out of hand. I’m at the point with my felt crafts that I’m getting sick of it and wish I could use it all up and put it away. But since it has taken over my kitchen table for what seems like forever I am determined to use it all up before I start a new project. So out of my scraps I cut a bunch of felt stars.

orlistat from mexico I’m at a total loss of what to do with them. I’m always making something, that’s the goal make it, try it, create it, see what happens. But since really putting this into effect I sometimes come up at a loss of what to do. I have a book called Walking in this World: the Practical Art Creativity by Julia Cameron that I was given years ago that really highlighted to me that creativity is like a muscle that you have to constantly work. So I’ve always tried to be doing something new and interesting all the time. It also highlights how sometimes when you put up challenges like using everything you already have in craft supplies, it challenges you to be more creative. But sometimes I think I get stuck like with these felt stars.

I was thinking maybe a garland or a mobile or something but I’m really not sure.

Spring is coming and I wish I could start painting again but with a toddler around setting up my easel or getting out my paints seems like an accident waiting to happen. Plus with the reality of me only having roughly 1 hour a day to do any personal pursuit from adding to this site, working on my photography, cooking, sewing or even watching TV I know my time is limited. I might switch over to oil pastels because it would be less clean up time. But I’ve still got to get rid of this darn felt and finish up my supplies, pastels would be a new purchase.

Ah to dream of new projects. Hopefully I can figure out what to do with these before they go into a Ziploc bag with a big question mark on it. I’m going to keep this scattering of stars out and hopefully I will see something that inspires me.