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Garage Sale, Races, Concerts May 26, 2016 Frugal, Fun 0 statement ver2[1].0.pdf This has to be my favourite weekend of the Spring. Downtown is alive with activity, everywhere you turn there is something fun to see or do. I always feel that the Great Glebe Garage Sale is the true start of the summer. Its especially true if you love a good walk and like to find a good deal, the Glebe Garage Sale is a must. We go every year and it is always on a really hot day. Usually by 10 its well over 30 degrees and we are ready to melt into the sidewalk. As always I highly recommend sunblock, hats and lots of water. If you are bringing little ones with you be really aware of heat stroke. Also bringing a stroller or wagon can be difficult, there are tonnes of people on the sidewalk so be super mindful. Here’s some great info on the do’s and dont’s for the Great Glebe Garage Sale. Happy hunting and we hope you find some great finds. The Great Glebe Garage Sale takes place on Saturday May 28th 2016, there is no official start time but things get pretty crowded by 11. If you are planning a trip by car don’t park in the Glebe. It will be impossible to find a spot and if you do it will be a nightmare to get out. Try parking at Landsdowne or further into Centretown to avoid the throng of people.

Also happening this weekend is the Ottawa Race Weekend. If you aren’t lucky enough to participate you can always catch a glimpse of the races around City Hall. Make sure to take advantage of the race weekend free concerts as well. There are usually some great bands performing throughout the weekend at Festival Plaza.

If you are looking for something different visit the Ravenswing Art and Music Fair taking place in Minto Park. This fair takes place in Minto Park on the corner of Elgin Street & Gilmour Street in downtown Ottawa. This is a great event check out some great music and interesting art this Sunday May 29th.

This weekend is a great showcase of the fun stuff to do downtown. Get out and enjoy the first real festival weekend of the summer.