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Getting better deals on kids clothes

enter February 12, 2016 Frugal 0

buy viagra online overnight delivery I hate paying full price. I will concede when I have to but I try my hardest to get it on sale. In our house every penny counts. So when it comes to buying kids clothes I make it my mission to buy everything on sale.

source The biggest shock for me buying kids clothes is used is not necessarily cheaper. But the key is timing. Don’t get me wrong I still loyally shop at Value Village for toys but I now avoid the clothes altogether. Even Walmart kids clothes are pricier than the deals I get at Joe Fresh and Old Navy.

I have seen used boots on sale at Value Village for $8 and new ones in a store for $5. Sweatpants and t shirts are arguably the same price and winter jackets are on sale now end of season for under $25.

If your not shopping at Old Navy it’s time to reconsider and sign up for their mailing list. Mailing lists/newsletters are the best way to snag a deal. Old Navy is notorious for having sale after sale. It’s not unheard of to get everything 50% off including sale items. I’ve bought adult jeans for $15 and kids shoes for under $5. They will email you coupons and text you flash sales so you are always in the know.

Joe Fresh also has amazing deals. I’m not a huge fan of the adult clothes but the kids clothes are adorable. When they are located in the grocery store space is at a premium so things go on sale quickly. If things are slightly damaged (dirt or scuffs) you can ask for a 50% discount. I’ve gone in there and bought 2 full outfits including shoes and hats for under $30.

I try to stock up on things at the end of the season, when shoes are on sale I tend to pick up the next size up for my guy so I’m only paying $3-5.  I plan on picking up next years boots at Joe Fresh for $5 and I just stocked up on kids super hero t shirts from Old Navy at $3 a piece! Keep your eyes out there are some great deals out there.

If you are looking for some great deals try Old Navy and Joe Fresh you will be surprised at how good a deal you can get. This weekend February 13-14, 2016 Old Navy has everything 50% off and Jeans are all buy 1 get one free!