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Got it Free! A ton of P&G Samples

can you buy Lyrica at walmart April 27, 2015 Frugal 0

where can you purchase accutane Things are just better when they are free.

buy lamotrigine cheap without perscription We have been fortunate enough this month to be hosting a P&G sample party and giving away samples of Swiffers, Magic Erasers and many other great products from Pantene to Old Spice. These samples are coming to us from BzzAgent they sent 11 sample boxes straight to our door for me to review and give out to friends/the cat/the baby/the stuffed bunny how great it that!

If your looking to be a product reviewer I would strongly recommend BzzAgent. I don’t get offered a lot of campaigns but every 6 months I get some pretty awesome stuff and they are usually full size products. Of all the product review sites I’ve joined this one seems to pay off the most.

I’m looking forward to giving out these boxes it’s so great to get free stuff and I can’t wait to see what I can get next.

If your interested definitely sign up it’s easy to do and the reviewing is pretty straight forward. Give it a try it’s free.