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Healthy Meal Plan Day 1

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Healthy Meal Plan - Dinner

can you buy generic viagra in canada Wow is life easier when your meals are ready for you. No eating my toddlers leftover toast for me this morning with Healthy Meal Plan I have all my meals ready. With my lunch made I was able to have a healthy leisurely breakfast with my toddler how great is that. The  berry jam was by far the best,  I wasn’t 100% sold on the eggs but egg muffins are a good idea.

Healthy Meal Plan Meal 1

follow url Healthy Meal Plan – Breakfast

Breakfast consisted of 2 egg muffins, turkey bacon, rye toast and jam. The meal  overall was good, I never seem to have time for breakfast for me so it was a nice change in routine.

buy uroxatral online Healthy Meal Plan – Lunch

Lunch was Shrimp Tacos with black bean salsa. The tacos were good and the chipotle cream was fantastic. It was at lunch that I realized how little protein I normally consume and that I probably fill up on carbs that leave me hungry later. After eating this lunch I was full but didn’t feel sluggish and gross. My coworkers were all really impressed with my Healthy Meal Plan lunch most eat takeout or frozen meals and they all agreed they would have much preferred to eat shrimp tacos.

Healthy Meal Plan - Dinner

Healthy Meal Plan – Dinner


Dinner was Jerk Chicken with brown rice beans, plantains and a cucumber and tomato salad. This was a lot of food and I was totally stuffed after eating it. The Jerk sauce was great and I was really blown away at the portion of chicken it was a lot of food. The salad was nice and I really enjoyed the rice I think dinner was my favourite of the meals.

After using Healthy Meal Plan for a day I realized how eating more protein really fills you up. These meals initially didn’t look huge but once I started eating each one seemed filled me up. I think after using Healthy Meal Plan for a day I’m really more aware of what I should be eating vs what I have been eating.

I came home tonight to have my next days worth of food already delivered. Visit for more information