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Healthy Meal Plan Day 2

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Healthy Meal Plan - Lunch

orlistat lesofat price By Day 2 of using Healthy Meal Plan I realized just how much time I’m saving. I’m an incredibly busy person who has a full schedule so finding an extra 30+ minutes has been amazing and having meals taken care has been a huge time saver. I really like using fresh natural ingredients and cook the majority of my families meals from scratch so I’ve found having someone cook for me an utter joy. Each day I’m impressed to find the meals have already arrived before I’ve gotten home from work and are so well prepared. The quality ingredients really show.

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Healthy Meal Plan - Breakfast

Healthy Meal Plan – Breakfast

Todays Breakfast was  a fried egg, waffles with maple syrup, turkey bacon and fruit. When I opened up the meal my toddler was insistent that we share and really there was enough food for both of us. The egg was cooked perfectly I was totally impressed and my toddlers new favourite food is now turkey bacon. We both enjoyed the waffles and maple syrup though I found them a bit on the heavy side, after eating one I felt like I had eaten enough carbs.

Healthy Meal Plan - Lunch

Healthy Meal Plan – Lunch

I was quite excited to try a lunch of turkey meatball stroganoff with spaghetti squash and roasted cauliflower, of all the meals this one intrigued me the most. I was really surprised at how bland the overall meal was, I was left feeling like something was missing. The turkey meatballs were good, we make something similar at home so maybe I was expecting something different but they just weren’t as flavourful as I expected. The roasted cauliflower was very dente but was still pretty good and the spaghetti squash tasted fine as well but I felt the overall meal was just missing a dash of flavour.

Healthy Meal Plan - DInner

Healthy Meal Plan – Dinner

Dinner was apple and horseradish glazed salmon with brown rice, quinoa and green beans. The salmon was very nice though I didn’t really taste the horseradish glaze. Both the green beans and the quinoa rice tasted really good but it felt like I was missing a sauce. Maybe it’s me but dry salmon, dry quinoa and dry beans I was left wishing I had one of the amazing sauces from yesterday to add to it. If the horseradish and apple had been turned into a sauce instead of a glaze I think it would have solved the problem for me.

Overall Day 2 of Healthy Meal Plan each meal the may not have looked like a lot of food each was more than I could eat. Breakfast was the best meal of the day, lunch and dinner both tasted fine but if I had ordered either in a restaurant I would not order them again. Though today seemed like a bit of a bust I can’t wait to see what’s on the menu tomorrow!

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