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Healthy Meal Plan Day 4

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Healthy Meal Plan - breakfast

Lyrica to buy Todays food has been the best tasting ever! As I’ve said before I really enjoy the convenience of Healthy Meal Plan having delivering to my home, for the record I have never seen a delivery person they are that fast! Plus I am loving the variety of meals I’m having something different every meal and each one is very good and very well thought out.

source site On a side note I feel great and have lost a bit of weight in the last few days. Clean eating has flushed out all that extra water weight and I’m noticing each day the scale going down. As many people have told me each day replacing all those carbs with protein almost guarantees you’ll lose weight.

Healthy Meal Plan - breakfast

Healthy Meal Plan – Breakfast

Breakfast was chocolate chip banana pancakes with maple syrup and fresh fruit. This was the perfect start to my day and was filling. It was the first day that I didn’t have eggs for breakfast and it was a welcome change. I was surprised at how filling two pancakes can be the chocolate chips and banana made them taste great.

Healthy Meal Plan - Lunch

Healthy Meal Plan – Lunch

Lunch was fantastic. The meal was Chicken Bolognese with Whole Wheat Fettucine with Sautee Spinach and Roasted Carrots. The flavour was amazing and everything was cooked perfectly I honestly wondered why we don’t cook with more ground chicken at home.

Healthy Meal Plan - Dinner

Healthy Meal Plan – Dinner

Dinner was Vietnamese Shaking Steak, Asian Noodles with Mixed Green Salad and Lime Dressing. I have one question about this meal… how did they cook this steak so perfectly. Honestly this meal was fantastic. Every meal I’ve eaten today was fantastic, restaurant quality and great ingredients. I thoroughly enjoyed this whole days worth of meals and can’t am absolutely impressed at todays menu.

Tomorrow is the last day of my healthy meal plan meals, Each weekly subscription contains 5 days of meals so you can “cheat” or eat whatever on the weekend. If anything this week of meals for me has highlighted how I need to incorporate more protein into my breakfast. I’ve never been a huge fan of eggs but in the last few years have started eating them semi-regularly and I can honestly say after having eggs 3 out of 4 days in a row I want eggs for breakfast tomorrow!

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