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Healthy Meal Plan Day 5

see url November 18, 2016 Food 0

Healthy Meal Plan - Dinner I have really enjoyed this collaboration with Healthy Meal Plan not only have the meals been wonderful and well thought out but the service has been excellent. I have found it surprising how much I’ve learned about food by having my meals delivered to me for a week. I’ve learned that my meals need to be more protein focussed and that a solid breakfast helps the day go by smoother.

Healthy Meal Plan - Breakfast

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Today breakfast was an omelet with a mini oatmeal mini muffin cup, bacon and fresh fruit. As I`ve mentioned before I`ve really enjoyed eating eggs every morning Healthy Meal Plan has really shown me that lots of protein at breakfast makes a difference. I felt full, alert and ready to face the day and with Healthy Meal Plan doing the cooking I always had time for breakfast.

Healthy Meal Plan - Dinner

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Lunch was a  Buffalo Cheesy Chicken Burger, sweet potato mash and roasted broccoli with Ranch Dressing. I have to point out this picture does not do this meal justice. The colours are just as vibrant as the meal. This meal was flavourful and a great lunch. With Healthy Meal Plan I`ve learned that lunch is the biggest meal and it should have a good portion of protein.

Healthy Meal Plan - Dinner

Healthy Meal Plan – Dinner

Dinner doesn’t look like much but the Korean Ground Beef with Brown Rice and Zucchini was very flavourful. Working long hours and being run off your feet as a working Mom having dinner ready for me at home is a lifesaver.

I found the portions for each meal to be right on, I was full after eating each meal and totally satisfied. Initially I thought that the portions were small but that was always before I started eating and was quickly filled by up by the nutritious ingredients. The delivery service was excellent the meals had already arrived before I got home every day which was awesome, I never saw a delivery person. The ingredients were all high quality and the meals were well thought out.

I felt overall this meal subscription service is an excellent idea for so many different people. This is great for my friends who don’t cook, are too busy to buy groceries, are weight conscious and are single. This is a great service for a person who coms to town to work for a few weeks this gives them healthy meals with the advantage of not having to cook. This is a great program for new Moms, that first week home from the hospital is rough, you barely have time to shower let alone cook. This service is a great way to jumpstart a diet, change eating habits or just try something new.

As it relates to families, a meal subscription service really isn’t cost effective. Most families are budget conscious and can feed a family of 4 on the cost of a single subscription. I also felt that I had a lot of plastic containers at the end of the week. Though most of the meals were excellent and the breakfasts were always really good they weren’t worth $12.00.

I have really enjoyed my week collaboration with Healthy Meal Plan they are a great Ottawa Meal Subscription Service. For more information visit