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Healthy Smiles Ontario February 3, 2017 Frugal 0

A healthy Smile Raising kids is expensive and when you are at a lower income, unemployed or have gone back to school finding out your child has a cavity can put your finances in a real tailspin. Healthy Smiles Ontario is here to help. The cost of private health insurance is more than many families can afford and paying out of pocket for dental treatments can cost a lot making Healthy Smiles Ontario is a great option for families with a lower income. With consultations and fillings costing upwards of $400 on a  baby tooth an emergency visit to the dentist can easily break the bank. Its great to know there is a program out there that can cover these expenses.

Healthy Smiles Ontario is a program that allows lower income families, families on Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support access to free dental care for children under 18 years old. The program allows your child to be covered for emergency visits (tooth aches & extractions), regular checkups expenses like x-rays and scaling and it covers fillings.

To qualify the household income of$22,401 or lower  for one child or $24,096 or lower for two children the Healthy Smiles Ontario website has a table with more information on who will qualify.

If you qualify or know of anyone who does visit the Healthy Smiles Ontario website, your local Service Ontario location or call 1 866-637-5541 for more information.