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Hours of Toddler fun with I SPY Books

click April 25, 2016 Frugal, Fun, Toddler ideas 0

go here Chasing after a toddler can be hectic. I cherish the times when we sit down quietly and read. These are the special moments that I hope will shape his love of reading. I Spy books might be something from your childhood. Just like Where’s Waldo books you can spend hours searching for every item on a list. These books allow your child to actively participate in the search and opens things up to some great conversations.


I always thought of these were great books for kids but they are even more amazing for toddlers! My Toddler loves them and they have given us hours of quiet time fun. I am honestly surprised at how many different things he recognizes and how good his searching skills are. We explore counting, colours, shapes, finding similar items and talk about uses of things he’s never seen before. These books also allow for toddler led conversations and let us both participate in the exploring. We have a blast!

Created by Jean Marzollo and illustrated Walter Wick I Spy books are everywhere. The library has shelves of them all with different pictures and themes. They can be picked up at used books stores and garage sales. These are totally worth it.

We have recently come across Hey Seymour! which is the latest installment by the I Spy authors and is pretty cute. These books are great for playing quietly together, this is an active mental activity and you will be impressed at how good your child’s recall is when they see the page again. This allows you to talk about whats happening on the page, where all the items came from, that their uses are. The possibilities are endless.

So if you are looking for something fun and quiet to do. Go to you local library and pick up an I Spy book.