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Ipsy – the best makeup fix for $15 a month

buy Lyrica from canada December 19, 2014 Frugal, Fun 0 As a new mom I often feel a bit of a mess. I try my best to look presentable during the day but end up covered in baby food and mystery stains. It started to get me down, I realize that I was starting to get a bit too consumed with it. I don’t think you need to sacrifice yourself for you’re baby and I think you need to have something special just for you. Joining Ipsy was it for me, makeup sent to me every month helped make me feel like a person again.

get link I love makeup I probably don’t look like I do thought I wear it every day. I like to visit Sephora and daydream about looking totally put together. Looking at all the new colours and containers I dream of nights out that I used to have. Remember when body shimmer was an option? now its guess the stain. With a new baby money is tight so spending $50 on the latest whatever really isn’t in the budget but $15 a month I can swing.

Every month a shiny pink envelope is delivered to me filled with a new makeup bag and 5 full size or sample sizes of makeup, hair products or nail polish. Its great, everything I have received so far (its been 3 months) I have loved and used. Each month they ask you to review the product you receive so they can get to know you’re preferences better. So far my favourites have been an OPI glitter nail polish, a Tattoo liquid eyeliner and an NYX coloured lip balm.

buy half inderal Once a month my boy and I pick up our package and explore all the new things inside, he plays with the makeup bag while I play with the new products.
Now I take time for myself to put on my new makeup, fix my hair and just be me again before starting my day. Ipsy is like a monthly reminder that I’m more than just a mom and feel special.

So give it a try, there are lots of makeup subscription services I like Ipsy because its inexpensive and you can cancel at any time, they charge you’re credit card once a month so you don’t need to reorder and its a bit of fun. In the past I had been part of another makeup subscription program and found that I didn’t get value for money I feel like I do with this one. Not all of the products are expensive brand names but they all have been good products. Really how many neat things can you get for $15 these days?