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Join the YMCA for Under $25 November 12, 2015 Baby, Frugal 2

cheap generic clomid online The YMCA is an amazing place for families especially when you have little ones. With winter right around the corner I’m in search of fun inexpensive activities for the family, so we don’t end up wandering the mall on cold weekends.

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I really like the YMCA but the cost of a family membership is pricey. We are trying hard to “spend less, do more” and a family membership is not in our budget. Drop in rates for a family of four is just $16.25 which is great but if you plan to go frequently it can add up.


The best deal at the YMCA is a Child’s Monthly Membership. For only $18.75 a month (before tax) you and your child can use the YMCA facilities all you want. This means you can both swim and play at the YMCA for under $25. One of the bonuses of getting a Child’s Membership is you don’t have to pay the building enhancement fee. When you join the YMCA they charge you a $75 flat fee on top of your membership. This is waved when with the Child’s Membership.The other bonus is you can pay monthly and cancel at any time without penalty. You must give one weeks notice of a cancellation but if you choose to join the YMCA for the winter (which is my plan) you are free to cancel once the weather gets warmer.

The Child Membership is definitely worth it if you plan on going to the YMCA more than 4 times a month. If you just want to try out the facilities you can get a Child’s Day Pass for $6.50 and swim and play all day. We have been enjoying splashing around in the little pool and playing on the indoor jungle gym at the Taggart YMCA on Argyle Street the last few weekends. I find that having the membership has given us the freedom to drop in for an hour of play during our busy weekends.


For more information visit or drop in to your local YMCA.