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Make friends with your Crock Pot\"/prednisone\ November 28, 2014 Food, Frugal 0

Proscalpin without a rx I have had a Crock Pot forever and until recently never gave it a second thought.

buy propecia london The only thing I thought you made in it was Pot Roast and sorry Mom I hate Pot Roast. So for the longest time the Crock Pot has gone to the cupboard where appliances go to die. Until now.

Dinner seem like a chore you don’t want to do? Craving hearty home cooked meals but have no time or are just too tired to do. If you can spend 15 minutes chopping and putting everything in the Crock Pot the night before meals you can have an amazing meal ready when you get home.

cheap voveran tablet The Crock Pot and I are best friends now. Really who doesn’t want to have dinner ready for you without a lot work? Seriously befriend a Crock Pot it’s quicker than take out.

The bonus is you can make a surprising variety of meals. A few highlights have been amazing Ribs, General Tso Chicken and Steel Cut Oats.

Chances are you have a Crock Pot. You probably were given when you moved out or when you got married, if not go to Value Village. I picked up this brand new one for $8 at Value Village and it was definitely worth it.

One suggestion if you want to up your game, an appliance timer. You can buy a fancy Crock Pot with a built in timer but they aren’t cheap and for under $10 you can get a timer that will do the trick.

So think about it, the night before when everything has calmed down at night you dump some beef, a can of tomatoes, cut up an onion and some spices into the Crock Pot bowl and stick it in the fridge. When you get up in the morning you put the bowl on the base set it to low and put 8 hours on the timer and walk away. Before dinner you boil some noodles and you have a really cheap, simple, home cooked meal on the table.

Trust me it’s worth it.