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A Manageable Turkey Dinner – Slow Cooker

click December 26, 2014 Food, Frugal 0 I love a turkey dinner. Christmas, Thanksgiving whenever you really can’t go wrong. The only thing that held me back for a long time was the scale of the meal. It seems like there are a million pieces to it and you need a workforce of magic elves to make it happen. Not anymore, now I know how to have a manageable turkey dinner thanks to my Slow Cooker.

orlistat to buy If you’re thinking turkey in the Slow Cooker its going to be gross (like my husband thought) you’re wrong. You end up with a perfectly cooked moist turkey that you never have to baste and took no effort at all.

When it comes to cooking turkey I only cook a turkey breast. My reasoning is simple, less waste. Whenever I’ve cooked a whole turkey we don’t eat the dark meat, we get tired off having leftovers for days and we just eat the breast. So why bother. You can pick up a turkey breast on the bone at your grocery store fresh for under $15 and really the rest of this meal you can make with stuff you have in your kitchen right now so it doesn’t have to be expensive.

buy voltaren gel canada Leftover or freezer burned bread becomes stuffing. Pantry staples become homemade rolls. Add in a can of peas, mashed potatoes and some gravy you’ve got a great meal.

Here’s the recipe for turkey in the slow cooker. 5 hours no basting and its perfect.

Here’s a stuffing recipe a couple spices, some stale bread and eggs and you’ve got a side dish.

Here’s super easy rolls that take very little time to make and just need 30 minutes to rise.

Clubhouse Gravy packages are something I always pick up on sale they make a perfect gravy with no effort.

You can cut and peel potatoes up to 24 hours in advance as long as they are soaked in water.

So you want to wow the family with a turkey dinner here is what you do. The night before you make the rolls and leave them to rise while you cut the potatoes and put them in water. You make the stuffing (don’t cook it) and put it in a casserole dish. When you’ve finished the potatoes and the stuffing the rolls are proofed, cover with plastic wrap and put in the fridge. The next day put the turkey in the slow cooker set it for 5 hours add a 1/4 cup of water and coat skin with butter and seasoning. After 5 hours turn off the turkey and turn on your oven put the stuffing in, cook the potatoes. Put the rolls in when the potatoes are cooked. Use the juice from the slow cooker to make the gravy and cook you’re frozen or canned vegetables.

There you have it a big turkey dinner that you won’t feel like you slaved away in the kitchen. Realistically you spent about a hour in the kitchens (over 2 days) but the meal will look like you slaved away at it. That’s how I make a turkey dinner manageable.

The bonus to this is I turn the leftover mashed potatoes and vegetables (we had peas) into pea, mashed potato and cheese fritters. So the next day you have cold turkey, leftover stuffing, gravy and fritters. Leftovers are always a hit and it makes it a new meal.