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Ottawa has a free Children’s Bookstore November 29, 2014 Baby, Frugal 0

isotretinoin buy online Some ways people give back to the community amaze me and idea of creating a bookstore where every book is free is genius.

Reading is fundamental. Our children’s literacy should be a priority now more than ever. We are raising a generation of children who cannot survive in our culture without strong reading skills and it all starts with having access to books. Think about how often you are exposed to words, on smartphones, TV, computers even just basic signage we are constantly reading. As we move more and more into digital technologies we cannot neglect our children’s literacy and limit their exposure to books. Books allow children to explore, touch, taste (we have all chewed on a book or two) and see new things and these are valuable experiences that they aren’t going to have in front of a computer screen.

buy proscar no prescription online 1/4 of our children are entering kindergarten without the basic skills to learn how to read. Their education starts at home by having access to books and having parents who read to them. Children learn by watching their parents so read to your kids. Its scary to think that 15 percent of Canadians can’t understand the labels on medicine bottles, 27 percent can’t interpret the warnings on hazardous waste material sheets. Can you imagine? So why not start kids off on the right foot and give them more access to books. There is a study that showed that homes with more books in them had smarter higher educated children who lived in them.

This program is amazing and is helping get books into the hands of kids who need them. Take your child to the bookstore let them look at the covers, turn the pages and find a book that is special to them.

The price is right it’s free.

If you have new or gently used books I’m sure they would love the donations. It’s always a great feeling to pass things onto a good cause where you know your stuff will be cherished by another. Twice Upon A Time
404 McArthur Ave
Ottawa, ON K1K 1G8