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Ottawa Wading Pools and Splash Pads

isotretinoin generic no prescription July 6, 2015 Frugal, Fun 0

buy nolvadex online reviews The weather has finally turned hot so it seems like the perfect time to talk about Ottawa Wading Pools and Splash Pads! There are 56 Wading Pools and over 100 Splash Pads across Ottawa for you to discover this summer. It’s the perfect time to get wet and have some fun at your local park.

Each Ottawa Wading Pool is supervised by 2 or more lifeguards and are filled daily around 11 am. Supervised crafts and other activities are also happening in these parks making it a great way to spend the day. Each Pool is closed one day a week so make sure to check the Wading Pool Schedule.

My favourite Wading Pool is at Sylvia Holden/Lansdowne Park (641 O’Connor Street). This park is hidden behind hedges just off of the Rideau Canal right next to Lansdowne Park. If you didn’t know it was there you can easily miss it but this Wading Pool is worth the visit. There is free parking on the street near the park and it’s a few block from Bank Street making it easily accessible by bus. It’s not your typical square one depth pool. At Sylvia Holden Park there is a small baby Wading Pool and a large pool that gradually get up to 3 feet deep. Not only is this fun for the kids it’s a great place for parents to cool off with baby.


Ottawa Splash Pads operate from 9 am to 9m every day and are unsupervised. Splash pads are a great place to cool off and are better then running through a sprinkler. These places are so much fun and keep kids entertained on a hot summer day.

The best one we’ve been to is at Brewer’s Park (100 Brewer Way). Located near Bronson and Sunneyside there is ample parking and a bus route close by. This Splash Pad has a 2 level water slide which is amazing and the playground is well worth the trip.

So check our your local Wading Pools and Splash Pads! They are a great free way to have some summer fun.