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Pampers Gifts to Grow Program

generic Lamictal canada January 7, 2015 Baby, Frugal 0

buy viagra online europe I’m a big fan of free stuff and I don’t mind collecting codes to get it. With the Pampers Gifts to Grow Program you can get some pretty cool free stuff and you don’t even have to use Pampers Products. Joining is simple just sign up through the Pampers website and receive your first 100 points. Every Pampers product has a code number written on its packaging and you just need to go online and enter those codes. If you use Pampers products frequently you can rack up points pretty quickly, if you don’t you can still get in on the action because they post free codes online all the time.

Mrs. January is my favourite go to resource for the latest pampers codes available. I try to check once a week as codes do expire and I find that the Mrs. January website is always up to date. That means I don’t need to check Facebook, Twitter and their website myself all the time.

They offer free shipping and some of the rewards are pretty good. My initial plan was to collect enough points to get the highest value item which is a Plasmacar at 6,000 points but as I’ve reacted the one year mark with my little guy and don’t think I will be using as many diapers in the future I am cashing out the 2,800 points I accumulated last year to get a Alex Musical Owl that has a $35.00 value. Not bad for collecting codes and in 4-6 weeks I will have a free new toy for my little guy.

Huggies also has a similar program but as my guy used solely Pampers products so I didn’t join. Its worth while to join the Pampers Gifts to Grow Program, they give out around 15 free points a month so keep an eye out online for points and get some cool free stuff.

I’m pretty excited about getting a free toy in the mail.  I’ll  be interested to see how long it takes to get the Musical Owl and if its any good but from the pictures it looks pretty cute.