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Sing along to Twenty Trucks January 30, 2017 Fun 0

go site If you asked me what my favourite song of 2016 was I can safely say its “Logging Truck” by Twenty Trucks. This year “Ambulance” is my jam and everyone is singing along to “Ice Resurfacing Machine” in our house. Just listening to a three year old singing “recirculated water shoots out” a line from “Ice Resurfacing Machine” at the top of his lungs brings me immense joy, its great to see my kid enjoy music and find songs that are perfect for him.

source site If your kid loves vehicles and you haven’t been watching Twenty Trucks on Youtube then you are missing out.

Twenty Trucks was developed by Jim Gardner, a Dad who was compiling truck videos to show his kids and his brother Rob, a composer who wrote the songs. Together they have made short music videos and have a Youtube channel that you can enjoy.

There is so much great kids music out there, not counting the classic Fred Penner, Raffi and Sharon, Lois and Bram but its great to find more music that the whole family can enjoy that doesn’t sound like a repetitive kids song (I can only hear the finger family song so many times!!). Each song is a different style some Ska, Pop, some sound like 80s hair bands and they are amazing, catchy and informative. Not only does my son know all the names of the vehicles but he know all the words to the Twenty Trucks songs and happily sings along.

Twenty Trucks might not be the latest songs on the radio but they are a hit in our house that we are all guilty of singing along to. If you are looking for a new kids video or have a truck lover at your house check out Twenty Trucks on Youtube and rock out to some instant kids classics.