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Why we skipped the sippy cup

cheap date lyrics December 27, 2014 Baby 0

buy Lyrica online canada The sippy cup seems to be hotly debated these days. According to Health Canada sippy cups are no longer recommended. If an open cup isn’t working for you here’s whats worked for us.

follow site When my little adventure boy started to drink from a cup anytime you had a glass he was right by your side grabbing for it. We always offered him a drink of water which he would backwash into and spill all over himself and everything near by. Super cute but practical I think not. Since I knew he got what was going on with a glass I wasn’t worried about this inability to drink from a glass I was more concerned about the mess.

My first attempt was with the Philips Avent training cup it’s basically a cup with a plunger on top. When you drink from the cup you push the plunger down with your lip and it releases the liquid. Sounds perfect right? Sure until a little boy figures out if he turns the cup over and holds down the plunger with his fingers the water gushes everywhere. Baby 1 cup 0. After getting a surprise soaking more than once. I gave up on the cup. It’s a great idea but not really practical.

The solution for us has been twofold. A Zoli Bot straw cup and a Klean Kanteen sports bottle.

The Zoli Bot is a great straw cup. The straw itself has a covered end that only opens when you suck through the straw. So the liquid is not going to spill out the straw when it is left on its side. It also has a cover that whenever the cup is thrown on the ground the cover closes and there is no mess. The only drawback is you need to buy replacement straws. After a while the straw gets gross and you can’t get in and clean it. So buy the replacement straws and replace them as you go.

Klean Kanteen is my favourite water bottle hands down. It is made from stainless steel and has not sharp edges and doesn’t break. I have dropped mine from a moving car in it didn’t get damaged. I’ve dropped it half full of water from a 2 story building and other than being a bit misshapen its still good to use (I hammered it back into shape). So wherever I go I carry my Klean Kanteen. The sport spout is like most sport bottle spouts it will release a bit of water and if you suck on it it releases water. It took no time at all for my little guy to figure it out and he loves it.

The great thing about having a baby who knows how to use a straw and a sports spout is you don’t need to bring a cup with you. When we go to restaurants he just gets a glass of water with a straw. When we travel I bring my water bottle and we share. Once his motor skills are there and he can hold onto a cup without flinging it across the room he will be well prepared.

So if you’re thinking of skipping the sippy cup give the Klean Kanteen and the Zoli Bot a try.