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Stars and Strollers December 30, 2014 Baby, Fun 0

cheap flights lyrics There is a point early on with a new baby when all you want to do is get out of the house but you’re too tired to do anything. So you get bummed out and dream of the days when you weren’t covered in spit up and think about doing something different. Stars and Strollers is the place for you.

click I love going to the movies and sitting in a dark theatre totally immersed in a great story. With a baby I realize that this was now a luxury because someone has to watch our little adventure boy. That’s why while you can take your little one to a Stars and Strollers matinee.

In the Ottawa area 3 theatres host Stars and Stroller screenings so chances are there is one near you. When you go to a screening there are usually two new releases to choose from and they are baby friendly so you don’t need to worry if your baby cries. Outside the theatre there are changing tables with free diapers and wipes. There is a microwave to warm up bottles and stroller parking. It’s also a reduced ticket price so you don’t have to pay full price.

Your not going to the movies alone its now an adventure your sharing with your baby. Most people come with a baby in one arm and a bag of popcorn in the other. I have been to a couple different theatres to Stars and Strollers screenings (the one near me didn’t have the movie I wanted to see playing) and each one is slightly different. Some keep the lights dimmed while others have it dark like a regular screening. Some reduce the sound of the film while others are louder. I found that when the sound in the theatre was reduced you couldn’t hear the dialogue in the movie very well. Expect to hear babies crying and at random times throughout the movie. Expect to leave the theatre at least once to deal with diaper explosions or an inconsolable crier. Expect no one to care if you are breastfeeding in the theatre or having trouble settling your baby. Everyone there is in the same boat as you are, they are looking for a break from all the hard work of caring for an infant.

Stars and Strollers is a great outing with baby when they are young. Make sure you bring a car seat or a carrier for baby to relax in or you will be holding them for the duration of the film. Most people bring a car seat and they fit nicely on the chairs. I really enjoyed going to the movies up until my guy learned how to crawl. Once he reached that age he got really antsy at the movies. I ended up bringing a big sheet and laying it on the floor by the doors and sitting on the floor as he played with toys. I found that as he got older there were too may distractions and he got frustrated being confined to his car seat.

There is also Movies for Mommies at the Rainbow Cinemas at St. Laurent. I didn’t go to any of their screenings, they show older releases so if you missed it when it first came out you can see it there. I have heard good things about it and its the same setup as Stars and Strollers.

So if you are looking for something fun to do especially during those cold winter days go to aa Stars and Strollers Screening at your local theatre.