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That’s Not My… Are my new favourite board books

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go We live in a sea of books. Every time I hear people talk about the disappearance of books I just can’t relate. I know we read more media online, we look at reading differently then we did when I was growing up but the fundamental principals are the same. The best way to learn something new is to explore it and that’s what books do they start the exploration process. That is why the That’s Not My… book series it amazing.

Written by Fiona Watt this series of board books uses different textures and bright colours to engage your child. Each one is different, my favourite is That’s Not My Tractor in it you explore different part parts of the tractor through pictures and textures. You can find these books at the library or bookstores and babies just love them. We received a boxed set of different animal books like Tigers, Dogs & Bunnies and they are just wonderful.

The book itself is really sturdy and can handle the rough play by little hands. I find some touch and feel books fall apart over time because they are not that durable.

These books are such a great introduction to reading, they are so engaging your baby will want to turn the pages themselves. They are also a great starting point for talking about different animals, how things can be different and still the same and textures.

Everything you do with children that involves books is laying the groundwork for their future education. By having board books alongside your babies toys you are telling them that books are for enjoyment and by both of you interacting with a touch and feel book you are creating a positive experience.

It seems like such and obvious thing if your doing it but a tablet can’t replace the tactile experience of holding a book. As your baby grows and TV and tablets will no doubt be their reality so start laying the groundwork early and encourage them to play with books and the That’s Not My… series is a great place to start.