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The Ergobaby Carrier and an 18 month old

follow June 8, 2015 Baby, Frugal 0

go At 18 months my adventure boy is into everything. He is a skilled walker, runner and climber. He has clear opinions and wants to be super independent. It’s great but it also can make traveling in a stroller difficult. Some days it is impossible to get him to sit and not “hulk out” in his stroller trying to break free. This is why I’m still loving the Ergobaby Carrier.

I’ve professed my love for this carrier before but at 18 months it’s a whole new ball game. It’s hard to have a confident walker who gets tired out and just wants to be picked up. Pushing a stroller with one hand and corralling him with the other just isn’t my style, I need my hands free. Having a carrier lighter than a backpack is great. Instead of hauling the stroller everywhere we have the freedom to pickup and go while having the flexibility of not hauling a stroller around.

I totally love my Ergobaby carrier. It was one of the best baby product investments I made.

Wearing an 18 month old can be heavy so wearing the carrier properly is important. You’re back will thank you for having the weight evenly distributed. If you’ve been using a carrier often you won’t have trouble carrying a 20+ lb person on your back, if not it does take a bit to get used to.

I realize I will be using the Ergobaby Carrier into 2 years and may keep going until we hit the weight limit. It’s so much better than carring him in my arms and really strengthens your core muscles.

If you’re considering baby wearing I highly suggest picking up the Ergo it has met all my needs from a preemie baby to a toddler. It’s so nice to buy one product that lasts.