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Visit Steve’s Music

where to buy diflucan January 30, 2015 Baby, Frugal, Fun 0 In my new quest to expose my little guy to more music we took a trip to Steve’s Music on Rideau Street.

can you buy Lyrica from canada With their helpful staff we explored guitars, pianos and a wide variety of musical instruments. I found it interesting to watch my adventure boy react to someone playing guitar or playing the drums. He dance along to the tunes that were in the air and sat down to play on one of the keyboards.

The most fun was hitting bongos and playing with other percussion instruments. We both had a blast. We left the store with an egg shaker which is hands down his new favourite toy and a ukulele which we will teach him when he gets a bit older.

famvir buy online australia If you haven’t been to Steve’s Music take a trip, you’ll feel inspired and your little one will be amazed by the sounds.

Steve’s Music
308 Rideau Street