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Why dogs are great for children

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purchase Dilantin Children can get a lot of benefits from pets. Whether these are dogs or cats, they can help a child to be more attuned to their world. Some parents have the apprehension of having pet dogs near their children. However, children can learn a lot from having pets, especially if it is a dog.

can i order Premarin online In some ways, dogs are better pets than cats. Dogs treat their owners as if they were their masters. Cats on the other hand, feel and act as if their human owners owe them their obeisance. Dogs strut proud to have owners, while cats preen and seem arrogant towards their owners.

Dogs treat children as if they were their own. Children are treated as equals and almost like their own puppies. Dogs are also patient towards small children, anticipating their every move.

Children can learn a lot from having dogs. For instance, studies have shown that dogs have a calming effect on young children and toddlers. For another, dogs take care of children, nudging them in the right direction while walking.

There is a bond between dogs and humans. This is stronger between dogs and small children and it helps a child to be more aware of his surroundings and environment. Children know that their dogs mean well. They learn from one another, growing closer and more trusting.

It is great to see a child and his dog cavorting along in the playground. This is a true friendship which is matched by only a few other kinds of partnerships. If you want to learn more about dogs and children, read the infographic below, and be amazed!


12 Amazing Reasons Why Dogs Are Good to Help Raise Children

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