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Go to Value Village at 9 am for the best deals

Proscalpin prescription online next day delivery June 13, 2015 Frugal, Fun 0

can you buy doxycycline in south america I love a bargain so I often shop at Value Village for kids toys. Value Village has lots to offer for kids stuff but the best deal is the toys. I’ve found that it’s actually cheaper to buy kids clothes new at Old Navy during their sales (if you sign up for emails or text messages you know exactly when to go) then to buy them used.  So lately for kids clothes I’ve been buying it all new, sure it seems backward to me but if the price is the same it’s an easy decision.  

You can buy children’s books at Value Village too but they really aren’t a good deal. If you can find a garage sale or a book sale you can get kids books for really cheap. Once kids grow out of books parents want to get them out of their house as soon as possible.


When it comes to toys it’s a whole different story. You can spend a fortune on toys that are going to last a few months before your child’s grown out of them or you can buy them used. I’ve been checking out Kijiji for children’s toys and have found most people are selling stuff at ridiculous prices. Buying toys is like buying a car they depreciate. Once you get that new stacking ring set home it’s not worth $10 so don’t try to sell it for $8. You can buy that ring set at Value Village (there are like 8 of them there) for $1.99. Save your money and buy it used. Remember wash the toys, you don’t know how long they’ve been sitting on the shelf.


Timing is everything when it comes to a deal. We go to Value Village Saturday Morning at 9 am when they open the doors. Why do we go so early? Two reasons; no one is there and the best stuff is out. For fun I let my toddler walk down the aisles and pick out toys for himself. Sure we end up being there for an hour but he gets to try out all the toys and pick out the best ones. I’m on the lookout for cheap Thomas the Train stuff and we can usually find a few pieces when we go first thing in the morning. Since it’s early there usually isn’t anyone there so I’m not worried about my guy being in the way. At the end of the trip we walk out with a bag of toys having spent less than $10 that are gently used and new to us.


So if you’re looking to find that special deal go to Value Village when they first open it will give you a whole new perspective on the store.