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Why Wooden Blocks are still the best

see url January 5, 2015 Baby 0

see url There is a reason why some toys are still around. That electronic talking bear may hold your child’s interest once or twice but a pile of brightly coloured wooden blocks can keep them engaged for years to come. Sometimes as parents we think newer is better. We rush out to get the latest toy assuming that’s what they wants when in reality they want the same experiences we did as children.

Case in point wooden blocks.

After a fun filled Christmas and birthday where baby cellphones, electronic bears and a host of singing, flashing toys were given the ones that seem to engage my boy the most are a simple set of wooden blocks. Not only is he enjoying holding, throwing, licking, banging these blocks we all are enjoying building miniature cities which he destroys and using our imagination. We are all engaged.

I really don’t discount the learning that can be done with a lot the electronic toys. Our little guy has a Fisher Price Piano that is totally engaging and helped him stand and later walk as he moved around it exploring all the parts. Soon he will outgrow the piano and never look at it again but not the blocks. As he gets older they will be castles and car parks. They will be part of destruction derbies and battlegrounds for Batman and the Joker. This toy that has no specific purpose will play a part in many of his imaginative adventures.

So when your looking for toys don’t discount the wooden blocks, they might not be the latest and greatest but they can still engage children like they always have.