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Wooden Thomas the Train Tracks May 28, 2015 Frugal, Fun 0

can you buy Keppra over the counter in the uk Lets talk tracks, wooden Thomas the Train tracks that is. If your not familiar to the phenomenon then you probably haven’t been around little kids, especially boys in the last 30 years.

orlistat 60mg buy Thomas the Train started in a book called The Three Railway Engines by Rev. W. Awdry back in 1945. Since then the phenomenon has grown, there are books, toys and clothes. Netflix is even streaming Thomas movies. You can live on the island of Sodor, in the world of steam engines now more than ever before.

It’s awesome but also terribly expensive, $30 a train expensive. Luckily thanks to Grandma visiting garage sales, used store and picking up every Thomas item she could find we have lots of trains and other related toys.

The only thing we don’t have is a lot of wooden Thomas the Train tracks. Now usually you can find things cheap online or used but wooden tracks just aren’t around. Apparently the track just wears out from use. Those who do have it are selling wooden tracks for an arm and a leg, and probably hoping to just get back their initial investment.

So I started looking for new wooden Thomas the Train tracks.

Finding it in stores you quickly realize its crazy expensive. I found it at our local toy store for $3.50 a 3″ piece. Can you imagine building your own super railroad at that price? It’s ludicrous, but then again you’re paying for that official version and that’s the thing its a brand name toy.

Here’s the great part for parents, years ago Brio who also make a wooden train set (even more expensive than Thomas) created this wooden tracks system. Chuggington Trains, Thomas the Train and Ikea have all adopted the same track system. Yup you heard me right Ikea.

Ikea the leaders in cheap awesome stuff has also created a line of trains that work with the wooden Thomas the Train tracks. They are wooden and interlock with all the other versions of wooden track. Ikea also sells wooden bridges in their sets so you can really get down to building something awesome.  This wooden train set has 20 pieces and costs $12.99 that’s $0.65 a piece. That’s way better than $3.50 and honestly it’s just as good. The only thing I realize is some of the specialty pieces the female to female or male to male connector pieces I will have to buy brand name, but the rest will come from Ikea.
Last weekend we traveled to our local Ikea to eat meatballs and pickup some wooden tracks. They fit perfectly and are a great addition to our expanding railway.
So if your looking to get into Thomas the Train but don’t want to spend a fortune on wooden tracks visit your local Ikea and save money!