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Wooden Toys

enter June 3, 2015 Baby 0

get link I’ve been thinking a lot lately about toys. Our adventure boy seems flushed with the latest and greatest flashing light singing toys on the market. I seem to be singing “welcome to the learning farm” or getting freaked out by the new non-threatening version of Teddy Ruxpin on a daily basis. The toys that seem to truly engage him aren’t the flashing lights or the singing songs but the wooden toys. Wooden toys are great and not just because they don’t require batteries. The rocking horse, the pushcart, the train and the wooden blocks all litter our home. Playing with rocking horse I can tell he’s pretending to ride off into the sunset, its obvious he’s having fun. When he’s pushing the train along the tracks he’s saying choo choo in toddler speak and is using his imagination. It’s fun to play Godzilla vs Tokyo and have him destroy block cities. When it comes to wooden toys I see my child’s imagination come alive.

Really isn’t that what play should be about using your imagination? Especially now when we are supposed to be creative all the time. I realize how limiting newer toys are, the preprogrammed songs are okay for a while but then they turn grating, especially when they go off on their own. I find when it comes to choosing toys to play with he often chooses the wooden toys over anything else. It’s exciting to see how he grows and develops through play.

We’ve been packing up the baby toys to donate to our local playgroups and it really hit me how much he’s growing. I’m excited to see his imagination come alive and I really see it the most with the simpler toys. Maybe I’m also reacting to this modern world he’s growing up in. He will have a tablet to play with no doubt soon and he will be more tech savvy then his parents before he get into the double digits. It’s the new reality so that’s probably why I am just so happy to see him playing with wooden toys that have been played with by kids for generations.

Great toys are always in fashion and well loved. So if you’re looking for new toys to engage your toddlers look into getting some wooden toys. You will both be having fun for hours.